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Looking for the Best Casual Shoes For Men in India?

Great! A nice pair of shoes can let you score high on your fashion radar. It is important to pick the right pair to match your outfit, which if not done correctly, can land you up in fashion faux pas.

Certain shoes are designed for particular outfits, some are for casual occasions and few are for activity sessions.

No matter, which product you choose, it should be beneficial in terms of comfort, climate, and activity.

We recommend that you go through the buying guide where we have listed the key points that you should keep in mind before making the choice. 

Let’s take a look at the top 10 shoe brands in India that can wear on any casual occasion.

These points will help you to choose the best shoe brand in India :-

Best Casual Shoes For Men in India
  1. 1
    Right size: This is the most important thing that should be kept in mind before you shop for shoes. Make sure that the shoe fits your feet perfectly and there is room for your toes to move. Otherwise, you will be uncomfortable wearing them and will regret later. 
  2. 2
    Check return policy: Before you buy the shoe, don’t forget to check the return policy. In case, you feel to return the shoe, you shouldn’t be in dilemma.
  3. 3
    Run before you buy: Just like you can’t purchase a car without a test drive, don’t buy a pair of shoes, without running in them. Science has proven that running is a difficult task, and you don’t want to make it more difficult by buying yourself a wrong pair of shoes!
  4. 4
     Choose the right color: Well, here we are not talking about the outer color of the shoes, but inner sole. Black soles are more durable as they are made of carbon rubber, the same stuff car tires are made of, while white soles are made of blown rubber which is of lower-density and softer material and contains more air.
  5. 5
    Cushion isn’t always comfortable: According to science, your joints move more when you walk on super-soft soles. Those ways, sole which is very cushiony may not be comfortable and also not good for your body. So, choose wisely.   
  6. 6
    Credibility check: When you spend your hard-earned money, make sure you are spending it on the right thing. Before you buy your shoe, and if you are going for a brand that is unheard of you, check for its credibility. Social media can very well be put to use here.

We Highly recommend you to read the Casual Shoes Buying Guide at the end of this article to get in-depth knowledge about latest Casual Shoes and  tips on making an informed decision about which product to buy for your needs 🙂

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Top 10 Best Casual Shoes for Men in India (2021)

Although my favorite among all is Tanjun Shoes by Nike but you must check all of them to make your buying decision.

1. Tanjun Shoes by Nike

Nike Men_s Tanjun Running Sneaker Black Black Anthracite 12


  • Material: Synthetic and mesh combination
  • Inner material: Shock absorber footbed
  • Shape: Round toe
  • Style: Lace-up fastening
  • Comfort features: Padded tongue and collar

Named after the Japanese word ‘Tanjun’ which means simplicity, these shoes are a perfect mix of style and comfort.  

The combination of synthetic and mesh, make the shoes breathable and also lends it a distinctive look to complement any casual outfit.

Featuring a round toe, it also comes with a lace-up fastening. It also has a cushioned footbed along with padded collar and tongue, which will let you walk comfortably.

This pair has been designed with light weight which makes it best walking shoes for men and it works great for running as well as casual occasions.


  • Cushioned footbed
  • Stylish in design
  • Easy to maintain
  • Sturdy make
  • Fit for running and casual occasions


  • Arch support is less

2. Sparx Men's Sneakers

Sparx Men_s Sneakers


  • Material: Made of canvas
  • Style: Lace-up fastening
  • Wear-ability: Great for casual occasions
  • Shape: Round toe

The sneakers by Sparx, a sub-brand of Relaxo, are a perfect blend of style, comfort, and workmanship. This Canvas best sneakers  lends it a distinctive look with a natural sheen.

The shoe comes in a lace-up fastening style. Besides, this pair has been made of the anti-skid sole so that you can walk comfortably.

It is most comfortable shoes for men and last for long, it should be cleaned with a cloth or a good quality brush, on a regular basis.


  • Sturdy make
  • Soft footbed
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ensures a better grip
  • Complements any casual wear


  • No cons found

3. Adidas NEO SE

adidas neo Men_s Advantage Clean Vs Conavy, Conavy and Clonix Leather Sneakers


  • Material: Made of leather
  • Style: Lace-up fastening
  • Design: Contrast stitch detailing
  • Outer material: Vulcanized rubber outer sole
  • Inner material: Cloud foam sock liner

Simple yet fashionable, this pair of NEO SE shoes from Adidas will be a classy addition to your footwear collection.

It has an overlay of 3-strip leather, which promises to offer great support, ensuring easy maintenance, at the same time. Besides, the lace-up fastening makes it convenient to wear.

The outer sole is made of vulcanized rubber to ensure a decent grip, thus making this pair great for both purposes – casual as well as skateboarding.

It complements a wide range of outfits, from heading to an outing with friends or attending a casual occasion.


  • Stylish in design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ensures great comfort while walking
  • Better grip


  • Results in a slow run

4. Lee Cooper Boat Shoes

Lee Cooper Boat Shoes


  • Material: Made of leather
  • Style: Lace-up style
  • Maintenance: Washable
  • Stitching: Contrasting stitch detailing throughout
  • Anti-skid: Durable and slip-resistant outer sole

This stylish shoes for men are made of leather, which not only gives it a polished look but also ensures easy maintenance.

This pair of casual shoes is not only sturdy and lightweight but also best leather shoes in India, It keep your feet comfortable all through the day, because of the soft inner lining.

Besides, it comes with a lace-up fastening, which further enhances its overall look. This product will be considered as the best casual shoes for men in India.

To keep the shine intact, clean the pair using a leather cleaner or leather shampoo and dry it in the room temperature. It should not be exposed to the sun.


  • Stylish
  • Comfortable
  • Ensures better grip
  • Great for casual occasions
  • Easy to clean


  • Not for formal occasions
  • Should not be exposed to sunlight or wet conditions

5. Puma Ferry IDP Casual Shoes 

Puma Ferry IDP Casual Shoes


  • Material: Made of canvas
  • Style: Lace-up style
  • Pattern: Contrast stitch detailing
  • Shape: Round toe
  • Sole: Soft Inner Lining
  • Maintenance: Easy to clean

If you are looking for something trendy then this pair of shoes by Puma is for you.

Made of canvas, it has a smooth finish while the lace detailing on the sides further enhances its overall appeal. The contrast stitch detailing throughout makes it edgier. 

Puma best men shoes comes with a soft inner lining so as to keep your feet comfortable all day long. It is advisable to clean the shoes on a regular basis to keep its smoothness intact.

Avoid using shoe polish or shiner. Instead, clean it with a clean cloth or shoe bags. This Puma Shoes are one of the best shoe brands in India.


  • Soft footbed
  • Sturdy sole
  • Easy to maintain
  • Great for casual occasions


  • Not for formal occasions
  • Not fit to use polish or shiner

6. Puma Men's Sneakers

Puma Men_s Sneakers


  • Pattern: Mesh design all over
  • Wear-ability: Comfortable to wear for longer periods
  • Style: Lace-up closure
  • Weight: Light
  • Inner material: Soft in-lining

Perfect for a casual outing or a gym day and running sessions, Puma sneakers give you comfort for a long time. They come in a lace-up style that gives them a chic look.

Available in a cool blue shade, the shoes look uber stylish when paired with white pants or tracks.

Synthetically made, the soles allow the shoes to breathe and de-odourise on a regular basis. That’s another reason why Puma is best best sneakers for men.

Which is for use a longer period of time and it comes with sleek design and you can considered it as the best shoes for you.


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable for longer use
  • Breathable and absorbs odor
  • Fit for casual outing and gymming


  • Cannot be used as formal wear

7. United Colors of Benetton Sneakers

United Colors of Benetton Men_s Sneakers


  • Material: Fine quality cotton
  • Style: Lace-up fastening
  • Durability: Sturdy make
  • Weight: Light in weight
  • Inner material: Soft inner lining

If simplicity is your style mantra, then this pair of sneakers from United Colors of Benetton will be the perfect pick for casual party wear shoes for mens.

Designed to perfection, it will complement most of your casual outfits. This best sneakers comes with a soft foot bed,  

Which make it most comfortable shoes for men, so that you can walk comfortably for long hours.

Made of fine quality cotton, the lace-up fastening enhances the overall look of the shoes.

However, if you want your shoes to last long, then you need to clean them on a regular basis. Make sure that you do not apply any shiner or polisher on this pair of shoes.


  • Simple yet stylish in design
  • Comfortable to walk
  • Easy to maintain
  • Smooth finish
  • Great for casual wears


  • Complements only casual outfits
  • Cannot be cleaned with polish or shiner

8. Red Tape Boots

Red Tape Men_s Boots


  • Material: Made of leather
  • Outer material: Thermoplastic Rubber Outer sole
  • Style: Lace-up fastening
  • Design: Contrast stitch detailing
  •  material: Soft footbed

Make your way to a casual or even a formal gathering in style in these pair of boots. Made of leather, it has a polished look with a natural sheen.

Besides, the contrast stitch detailing throughout further gives it a distinctive appeal. It also comes with a soft inner lining so as to keep your feet comfortable all day long.

The thermoplastic rubber outer sole ensures a better grip. It is mandatory to clean the pair on a regular basis to keep its shininess intact.

You can use a good quality brush to remove the dirt from the upper surface of the shoes.


  • Sturdy Make
  • Easy to maintain
  • Ensures better grip
  • Great for casual occasions
  • Simple yet classy in design


  • Can feel closed and non-airy after a long day

9. Espadrille Shoes from Woodland

Woodland Men_s Leather Espadrille Flats


  • Material: Leather made
  • Outer material: Sturdy outer sole
  • Lace up: Lace up fastening
  • Design: Stitch detailing makes it look trendy

Made of fine quality material, it has a smooth finish while the contrast stitch detailing further gives it some edge.

Besides, it comes with a lace-up fastening, which further adds to its overall design, and take it's place in the best shoe brands list with its quality and material

It is recommended to clean the shoes on a regular basis to keep up with the ‘new look’. We recommend this product is the best casual shoes for men in India.


  • Classy in design
  • Ensures optimum traction
  • Easy to maintain


  • No cons found

10. Reebok Men's Gusto Run Lp Running Shoes

Reebok Men_s Gusto Run Lp Running Shoes


  • Material: Synthetic material
  • Design: Mesh 
  • Style: Lace-up pattern
  • Inner material: Rubber sole

The lace-up patterned shoes by Reebok make stylish shoes for men that score high when it comes to comfort and style this unique features make it best shoes in India.

The design makes it hassle-free as it doesn’t require you to tie laces and are rather easy to wear. this will be our one of the selected best shoes for men in India's category.

The rubber sole provides extra cushioning and prevents slipping or accidental falling thus making them perfect for running. Designed with high-quality mesh, the shoes are breathable.


  • High-quality mesh
  • Rubber sole
  • Anti-slip
  • Odor free


  • Not fit for formal functions

Buyer's Guide: How to Purchase Shoes for men 

Whether fashion conscious or not, every man should own a few stylish pairs of shoes. There are various collections of shoes available in the market and that too in varying price ranges. Needless to say, choosing the right pair can be a little tricky as the array of brands and styles can cause confusion.

To solve your problem to a great extent, this article not only discusses the top 10 casual shoes available in the market but also enriches your knowledge about the recognized top 10 shoes brands in India.

Things to Look For While Buying a Pair of Best Shoes For Men

Online shopping not only saves you valuable time but also provides you with a lot of options to make your selection good for the best shoes brands in India. However, it becomes tricky at times and so you need to keep a few factors in mind before purchasing best casual shoes brand. Once you consider these factors, it will help you buy the perfect pick for yourself.
  • Perfect Size: The most crucial problem that one comes across while buying shoes online is the size selection. The size chart should be followed carefully before you make your purchase. Size varies from brand to brand or collections to collections so you need to be little cautious. As long as the size is perfect, you will get a proper fit. Otherwise, it can turn out to be a wastage of money.
  • Try Them Out: The new pair of shoes should be tried out at home as soon as it has been delivered to you. In case, there is any size issue it should be returned within a stipulated period of time, so you should not delay in checking the size and fitting.
  • Policy: Check and understand the policy before you place your order. It is important to know if there is an exchange option or return option or both the options available for the particular model you are opting for. Knowing that you can return the pair can actually give you great relief, if the pair does not fit you properly.
  • Style: You should know the style and design that suit your feet the best. While shopping, you will come across a wide range of collections but always go for the style that will be comfortable to walk. If you are not comfortable in your shoes, you cannot make a fashion statement no matter how -stylish your pair is.
  • To Be Tried Indoor: Always try a new pair of shoes on a clean surface and at your home so that it is not damaged. This will help you to return or exchange the product easily.
  • Reviews: Online shopping portals serve you a plethora of options, but it is important to check out the reviews and ratings of a particular model you are opting for. This will help you understand if the vendor is providing the customers with the original and good quality product.
  • Secure Payment: Always buy from an online shopping site that offers a safe and secure payment option. If you have any kind of suspicion then you should avoid the site.
  • Credibility Check: This is one of the most important factors that need your attention. The best way to check the credibility is to take the help of social media platforms. Here people will give proper guidance.

Benefits of Wearing Good Quality Shoes

While buying best shoes for men, people usually concentrate on aesthetics and not on health. Our body weight is carried by our feet and hence you need to keep your feet and heels in a good condition.

We have some top best shoe Brands in India, for men like : Lee Cooper , Puma Men's Sneakers , United Colors of Benetton Sneakers , Red Tape Boots , Espadrille Shoes from Woodland , Tanjun Shoes by Nike , Reebok Men's Gusto Run LP Running Shoes , Adidas Sneakers , Sparx Men's Sneakers.

We have listed some best walking shoes for men and casual shoes. You can find most expensive shoes in the world in branded shoes at lowest price.

A wrong selection of shoes can cause pain in your heels. Are you thinking to buy Best sports shoes for men as well instead of best leather shoes in India at lowest price. Therefore, we have some best sports shoes for men with Top brands in India.

There are many other benefits of opting for good quality shoes. It is the material of the shoes that decide how long the pair will last for.

For instance, if the shoes are made of leather, then you do not have to worry much about the foot odor or breath ability. This material also minimizes the chances of fungi or bacteria formation and also controls moisture so as to keep your feet cozy all day long.

Similarly, the mesh material is perfect for sports shoes as it regulates the moisture content inside thereby keeping the feet at ease during running or workout sessions. Shoes with mesh upper can also be worn for casual occasions.

Foot odor is another bad feature that can make you feel awkward in any situation. A pair of good quality best shoes for men will never leave foot odor. Shoes that results in the proliferation of bacteria and fungi can cause foot odor.

Always buy shoes that prevent friction or inflammation so that you do not feel uneasy by wearing them. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money.

A good pair of best shoes brand in India will offer you a good grip. The presence of thermoplastic rubber sole or polyurethane out sole makes the shoes long-lasting as they are able to withstand Indian terrain shoes or rock surface. It is always advisable to buy a pair based on your purpose.

A right pair of Best shoes for men can help you to correct your posture. There is a notion that walking barefoot ensures good posture. However, all you need to do is look for the perfect pair for you.

Wearing good quality shoes can also help you get rid of various foot ailments. Sometimes, the wrong selection of shoes can result in back pain or pain in the heels. You will not face this problem when you opt for shoes, which have soft foot bed and are comfortable to walk in.

In short make your choice good while buying different type of shoes for men , if you want to stay healthy then go for a pair of shoes , which might be a little expensive but are of good quality.

Things Determining the Right Match For Your Outfit

Shoes can either amp up your style game or crash it totally. No matter which occasion you attend or what type of outfits you wear, it is important to wear shoes that perfectly complement your attire. Let’s give you an idea of how to make the right choice before buying the best shoes in India.
  • Occasions: For casual occasions, you can choose from a wide option like boat shoes, sneakers, slip-on shoes or lace-up shoes. You can select from high-ankle length shoes or medium ankle-length shoes in leather for formal functions.
  • Outfit: Boat shoes, sneakers, slip-on shoes look great with jeans, chinos or cargo pants. They can be doubled up as running shoes as well. However, leather shoes go perfect with formal wear.

Here is the best shoe brand in India:

In the present era, shoes have become an essential part of every man's closet. Just like women, they are also fashion conscious and prefer keeping different pairs of best casual shoes for men to club them with their different outfits.

It is advisable to opt for branded shoes that ensure longevity and a classy look. Some of the brands that you may look out for are:
  • Nike: Nike takes pride in designing shoes in various designs, styles, sizes, and colors so that everyone gets something to match their preferences with their budget. Starting from running shoes, to casual, snowboarding and sports shoes, all types are available with this brand.
  • Woodland: This brand believes in delivering different styles of shoes that are high on style, quality and comfort level. Besides, they design the shoes in such a way that they are able to withstand rough terrain and rock surfaces. You will get something to suit your casual and formal wear.
  • Adidas: This brand is known for its unique designs and of course quality. It has a wide range of comfortable sneakers and sports shoes for both men and women. Apart from casual occasions, it offers shoes for outdoor activities too.
  • Lee Cooper: Lee Cooper is famous for its extensive leather collections under the  top 10 leather shoes brands in India to suit all types of occasions. Their main aim is to provide the customers with shoes that are unique in design while at the same time, they are comfortable to walk. 
  • Puma: Puma is popular for its amazing collections of sports shoes. However, this brand offers a huge collection of shoes so you will find something to match your casual wear.


Hope that this article has helped you to gain sufficient knowledge about selecting the right pair of shoes for you. You can choose any pair from the above-mentioned list. These shoes have been made of fine quality material to ensure longevity and easy maintenance.

Besides, each model is stylish and sure to fetch you compliments. A good pair of shoes can never go unnoticed, no matter what type of occasions it is. However, if you want your shoes to last for long, then proper maintenance is required.

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Piyush Kashyap is a Ph.D student at Sant Longowal Institute of Engineering and Technology, Sangrur. He is a budding editor/ writer and has been working as a part-time reviewer for online content. He loves to read tech-based articles and has a knack for reviewing such articles He likes to stay updated about the latest trends in technology. He has also been working as a reviewer for many scientific journals. He also writes articles based on science. Know More About Piyush

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